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EIS Education and Training International, or ETTI TEFL TESOL Philippines for branding, is an internationally recognized teacher training provider. The company is an affiliate of ITTI USA, one of the leading TEFL TESOL providers based in New York, USA. ITTI offers the 120-Hour TEFL TESOL Course Online or In-Class through EIS Education.

EIS Education also offers its own 150-Hour TEFL TESOL Certificate Course which can be used for work abroad or even for CPD compliance. The course is offered online through asynchronous or synchronous mode.

EIS Education also offers OET training for Nurses. The company is one of the few recognized OET Preparation Partners.

EIS Education, formerly registered as Centre for International English Language Learning and Teacher Training Inc. or Teacher Training Inc., was founded and established by Chresente C. Garong, LPT.

Trainer Credentials can be Verified below:

  • TEFL TESOL Certified Trainer through ITTI USA

  • OET for Nurses recognized Preparation Partner through OET Australia

  • Linkedin Profile


TEFL Trainer Certification, ITTI USA
Facilitate eLearning Certification, TESDA
Training Recognition, TVU Vietnam
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